wed, 30. november 2011_DIY?

wed, 30. listopadu 2011

Would you like a DYI on something, preferably shorts like these?
Yes / No


Judes o.1

Just for ye to have a picture of how I look:). I don't take pics too often, or more likely, I do, but I am too lazy to post them, but once I post them, I guess they are worth it,...:)
Princess, ain't I. O:-)


Wishlist? o.1

Don't think this really counts for a fashion wishlist, but I want a kitten, a fluffy, cute kitten. Thinking of ragdoll. ♥ Maybeee?
 Just so we're talking about the stuff that doesn't belong here, there is gonna be Deadmau5 in SA on the 1st of Dec, but its eighteen+. Fudge it.
I have already got a dress and a handbag with these flowers, but I desperately need a dress for prize giving... Sooo. This one is quite cool, maybe some different pattern though, so that my closeth is not just black & pink. :D :)


13/11/11 _ when i beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies.

13/11/11; 1:10
Nothing much is up, weekends gone, flowers stink and I hope to get a cat. I really DO hope to get a cat.
And I should really do something about myself. I am almost fourteen, I can't cook and... Yeah, stuff like that, you know.
Talking about my age, my birthday is on the 8th of December. I don't know if I should do a party. My house is like super made for it, but I am also scared its gonna be a FAIL. A bloody, failish fail.

 Skrillex is cool, isn't he :)