... this is the end, my only friend ... ?! /written at almost the 15th of December 2011/

I have been thinking. My life is not that miserable, I sometimes can just make it suck. Oh well, I guess it sucks just from a tiny bit -- but doesn't every life suck at least just a little? Mine could have been worse, that is why I should be thanking God for everything. And not waste my time moaning.
Anyway, this blog is over. I just don't want it anymore. I don't own a blogspot at the moment -- I fell in love with tumblr, however, I plan to make a blogspot eventually, as I'll miss writing. <3 Then I shall post the link to that one too. Maybe. If I'll feel like it.
www.judyshouts.blogspot.com is the blog.
www.judesfirefly.tumblr.com is the tumblr.
See yah. 
. . . .